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T-62 is coming to War Thunder as a premium vehicle in the #Chinese tech tree.This tank with a hull number 545 participated in the Sino-Soviet border conflict near Damansky Island in March 1969 and was captured by the Chinese Army - wt.link/get_t62 pic.twitter.com/Un5Ov JQHBf We haven't raised prices of any packs (if you don't count 1 cent from 5.99 to 6).

If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting.

Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or a website maintenance is in progress...

We have removed some of them to standardize our ingame and web storefront and to better demonstrate the value you’re saving when purchasing larger amounts of GE.

M4A4 #Sherman is coming to War Thunder as a rank II premium vehicle in the Chinese tech tree.

India, Switzerland and Romania all had their own assembly lines for licence-built versions of the Alouette III.

The helicopter saw extensive use not only by French operators, but also world-wide.Any progress or unlocks you make on the Dev server will not be reflected back to the live server - It is purely a test environment. It will only be accessible during certain test windows, which are announced in the forum news section. All progress and purchases on the dev sever will not affect your account on the main servers. You can find the technical moderators on the forums or by clicking this link which takes you right to them, just send a message to them explaining the issue with this Please use the forums, under the relevant development (Dev) server, you will see a thread which has the type of issues categorised please select the relevant one and follow the instructions on how to do a bug report.This also applies to any GE, silver lion or research point spending on the Dev server - it will not be subtracted from your live server account! When I launch the Dev Server, it tells me The game hasn't been activated for you account? Please check there first to see if the dev server is open. Will any progress or purchases I make on the dev server with RP, Silver Lions or Golden Eagles carry over to the production server? 35 tanks of this variant were acquired in China under the US Military Assistance Program, where they participated in conflicts in Burma - wt.link/get_m4a4 pic.twitter.com/9z VANz7Ry H Whether you like it or not, these vehicles are historical. It's not a faux-attempt, it's a new content. The tech tree reflects the turbulent military history of the country’s 20th century.Not everybody must necessarily like what we are adding, we cannot please all players, especially not at the same time. Each vehicle in the initial Chinese tree was historically used by the nation at some point - wt.link/china pic.twitter.com/l4CDh9Fdlz F-4C #Phantom II: American jet interceptor and fighter-bomber, capable of carrying an enormous payload, while also being able to reach speeds in excess of Mach 2!The SA.316 Alouette III is a French utility helicopter designed by Sud-Aviation in the late 1950s and was the successor to the popular SA.313 Alouette II.

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