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This series was started during season 2 so is only canon up to that point but has been slowly growing from there.

Well, it's only six months, though I will be traveling two hundred and fifty miles above the Earth at eighteen thousand miles an hour.

It almost has me thinking about getting back into my fluid dynamics work again. Oh, good, because I remember the damage some of those fluid dynamics experiments did on the pond in the backyard.

I had one of my Dad's contractor friends bring in a crew last night.

I do what has to be done — it's not like I like doing the dirty work. End of Watch[ edit ] Amita Ramanujan: Byzantines fighting side by side with Cowboys and Indians? Contenders[ edit ] Charlie Eppes: What do you mean, "used to be"? One Hour[ edit ] William Bradford: You want to feel better? It's not my job to trust them, it's their job to trust me!

Okay, you know when you stack up champagne glasses and fill them with champagne. You may leave a message here, or simply call out to the heavens. Under Pressure[ edit ] Alan Eppes: That's why using the water system makes perfect sense.

Unless there's a self-perpetuating element involved, like, er, nano-technology. Beauty and fragility of life on Earth, it takes my breath away. One small step for Larry, one giant leap for Cal Sci. Burn Rate[ edit ] Charlie Eppes: The Art of Reckoning[ edit ] Charlie Eppes: Are we all so bad down here? I feel like I'm in some dream with the ghost Larry, and I just want to wake up and talk to the real guy. The Janus List[ edit ] Ashby: I'm a speed dial away from collapsing this bridge. It was revoked at the end of season four after he transmitted information to Pakistan, but has recently been re-instated.According to Eppes' father, he could multiply four-digit numbers mentally at age three and at the age of four required special teachers. Finders Keepers[ edit ] Charlie Eppes: I gotta tell ya, from a mathematical standpoint the designs for this yacht are absolutley amazing. I don't think they've made the person yet who doesn't.

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