Who is cassie dating now newest dating sims games

Cassie and Colton have had some rocky moments over the course of their relationship, especially after Cassie's true feelings were questioned by other women on the show.

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They were doubts that were only exacerbated after Colton admitted that Cassie's dad Matt hadn't given his blessing, and Matt made a surprise visit to Cassie in Portugal.

But, what's any good love story without a little drama?

Here's everything we know so far, including a few not-so-subtle hints from Colton.

So if you're a little bit out of the loop when it comes to Colton and Cassie, we'll break it down for you.

But that's exactly where Colton Underwood found himself after he professed his love for Cassie and she broke up with him.

But love always finds a way, as Colton proved when he fought for Cassie's heart and won it in the season finale.

Now that Colton has confessed and his feelings are all out on the table, the future seems unclear – and the only thing we're sure of at this point is that Colton isn't sure about what's coming next. According to a few spoilers and rumors, Cassie and Colton are still together.

But, does this mean that Colton is engaged to Cassie?

Finally, Bachelor Nation got the happy ending they've been looking for, albeit a modified one.

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