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The name “Bobby” is a diminutive of “Bob” and the name itself is a diminutive which is most likely originated from Rob.

The name is a German name for English origin which means “Bright fame”.e Celebrity Mirror for News, Entertainment, and Celebrity Babies.

She also starred on the reality TV show Dance Mums the UK version of the American reality TV show, Dance Moms. She married with Rob Tickle in 2009, with the ceremony which performed in Mauritius on Oct 10, 2009. Jennifer gave birth to her 1st child on Feb 4, 2010, named Bobby by cesarean section at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

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The eldest son of the family, Bobby, is a young active boy.

The adorable little Bobby loves his siblings and is a dedicated and caring elder brother.

Besides that, little Bobby is a smart kid and has been successful in achieving good grades The lovely name Bobby is a masculine name for a baby boy.

The given name “Bobby” is an occasional nickname which is usually a variant of Robert.

The lovely family has a mutual interest in fishing and swimming.

The parents, Jennifer and Rob, love their children and share a strong and intense bond with their offsprings.According to mother Jennifer, Bobby was too young to understand that she had to go to work and earn a living.Like every working mother, Jennifer felt the guilt of not being able to spend time with her little boy. Jennifer is close to her mother and stepfather David but estranged from her father Kevin May.Ellison studied dance from the early age of three, first at a dance school in Liverpool, then later at the Elizabeth Hill School of dancing in St. She passed her examination with the Royal Academy of Dance and started to appear in instructional videos for the academy.Despite Skyping him every night, the guilt made her close to even quitting the show for her son.

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