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Shauna has medium-length brown hair and freckles and 2 green ring tattoos around the top of her arms, and wears red lipstick and gold hoop earrings.She also sports two tribal tattoos on her upper-arms. Please report any comments that suggest the person is gay or had sex with anybody or has an STD. Paije's eyebrows way to thick too, and no paije is not Mexican she is middle eastern and black while Beyoncé is black with a creole descendent mother which is also black. BTW I think home girl is right i think paije is about 5"2 at the tallest.

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He was joined by Le Bron James on the Heat in 2010.

Almario Vernard Chalmers attended Bartlett in Anchorage, Alaska and University of Kansas.

Mario Chalmers’ girlfriend Tiffany Graves is probably anything but thrilled following a long, and detailed post on the gossip site Bossip.

Bossip managed to follow an Instagram trail from a woman with a clearly close relationship to Chalmers, with her posting court side seats, and personal interactions with the Heat point guard.

The starting point guard on a championship caliber team paired up with a model/actress who was smart enough to graduate college with honors, who uses dental school as a fallback if modeling doesn’t work out?

That is an automatic disqualification smh get it together paije besides Beyoncé's face is created different all the way around paije looks pathetic trying to be a wanna be Beyoncé.

According to Chinese Zodiac, Mario was born in the Year of the Tiger. Discover the net worth of Mario Chalmers on Celebs View Mario Chalmers height, weight & body stats Mario Chalmers’s biography and horoscope.

People born in the Year of the Tiger are brave and independent.

Lol that is true how are you going to look like Beyoncé with green eyes lmmfao. Hell no Paije does NOT look better than Beyoncé Knowles. She looks better than Beyonce plus she has a beautiful voice she needs to go solo on pretty sure she would of bee the next Ashanti I get an Ashanti vibe from her PAIJE IS OOOLD looking!

Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. And the person that said paije was short is wrong paije is 5"5 and Beyoncé is the one who is short Beyoncé is 5"3. Now how you going to look like Beyoncé with GREEN eyes which Beyoncé does not have (hers are normal brown) if you going to try to look like her at least be creole and have brown eyes and have black girl hair. Paije looks like Carmelo Anthony's wife lala and paije is real pressed about that. Whoever it is needs to ask her why her teeth so big? Yaul are haters she's beautiful and I met her in person plus she's a beautiful person inside super shy and nice.

Shauna seems to be a bully, since Jimbo Jones, Dolph and Kearney had to impress her by throwing a duckling into the air, and according to Shauna, either the ducks suffer or Bart does.

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