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Doc refuses to operate on Matt for fear that his lack of experience with spinal injuries will either cripple or kill Matt.

A resigned and exhausted Kitty goes back inside the freight car, sits next to Matt's unconscious body and reminisces about the day she first met him.

Kitty, Festus (Ken Curtis) and Newly (Buck Taylor) also accompany Doc and Matt on their journey. the train is hijacked by a band of outlaws determined to steal the U. In order to protect Matt from being killed by a vengeful Sinclair, Doc lies to the outlaws that Matt is a patient under his care who has died and that his name is Walters.

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Kitty warns Beth that revealing Matt's identity and whereabouts on the train will cause him to get killed. " An outraged Kitty strikes Beth across the face and says "Don't you try buckin' me, honey. But no other scene in this three-parter underscores Matt and Kitty's relationship better than a quiet, lengthy monologue and soliloquy that she has later on.

Matt has started to lose feeling in his legs due to the bullet, and Kitty tries to convince Doc to operate immediately.

However, if the show was made now, I have no doubt that the Matt/Kitty relationship would be the central thrust and focus of the entire series, at the expense of all the other elements that made it unique and successful.

I think such a tactic would deprive the show of the air of mystery and wonderment that defines the relationship between Matt and Kitty.

In so doing, the characters and situations on "Gunsmoke" continued to evolve as the series explored deeper, more psychological and emotional territory than it had at the beginning.

There was always much more than met the eye with this series.

He was so busy polishing off all his eggs and ham and biscuits and he didn't even notice me. I noticed him so much that I decided to stay for awhile. But I wouldn't change one day of it..one day." In response to Kitty's heartfelt remembrance, Matt regains consciousness, struggles to raise his torso while wincing in pain, turns partway towards Kitty, and says (while not looking directly at her), "I noticed that day, Kitty.

And stay I did, despite of the fact that I found out that the big man wore a big badge and he didn't think he had any right to get involved in any kind of permanent relationship. Seems to me that I left three or four times, just swearin' up and down that, under any circumstances, was I gonna see him or his damn badge again. I noticed." James Arness, in the aforementioned interview, indicated that fans frequently wrote to the show's producers complaining that the relationship between Matt and Miss Kitty remained low-key and unresolved.

In order to understand how television has changed through the years, one would have to consider the on-screen relationship between Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness) and saloon owner Miss Kitty Russell (Amanda Blake) on the classic Western series "Gunsmoke," which ran on CBS from 1955 to 1975.

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