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Sharon Stone‘s son Roan Bronstein filed court papers to add “Stone” to his name, The Blast reported. Bronstein filed for divorce in 2003 and it was finalized in 2004.He said in the documents that he wants to become Roan Joseph Bronstein Stone to “take the surname of each of my parents.” The actress, 61, and ex-husband Phil Bronstein adopted Roan, now 19, in 2000. Stone was most recently linked to 41-year-old Angelo Boffa.

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She’s our senator and insists only that “I do the work that’s in front of me.” But does she never think about higher office?

I know from the hackneyed “sources close to …” and my own knowledge that she’s fearful of losing elections, afraid of not being uber-prepared (a nightmare from her trial prosecutor days).

Practically hidden in the choking pall of tobacco and celebrity, a young woman was perched on a bar stool watching the game, waiting, calculating.

She was almost sedate, nursing a glass of wine and smoking cigarettes while others rubbernecked The Boss and the mercurial Penn.

Her mother, Shyamala, with whom she was deeply close, traded her family’s upper-caste privilege to come to Berkeley at 19, studied for her doctorate in endocrinology and nutrition and joined the surging civil rights movement.

Donald Harris, Kamala’s Jamaican-born father, met Shyamala during the heady turmoil of the 1960s.When we talked, she would only tell me that her memories of the time were “pretty, fairly good.” No elaboration.But the seamless bond among Harris, her mother and sister endured.Recently, a Business Insider story referred to her as “an establishment centrist” Democrat.Meantime, California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte describes Harris as “an ultra-liberal San Francisco Democrat.” But Brulte is also a political pro who can express grudging admiration, and he praises her toughness and drive in her campaigns for attorney general and the Senate. It’s as if she was born to take on these existential quandaries.So did her resistance to opening herself up beyond her small circle. She attributes at least some of her win to “total serendipity. It wasn’t my intention when I got there to challenge Terence.” Now she sat at a more expansive table, where she could impact criminal justice policy, and she did.

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