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Poppy Montgomery plastic surgery, even though heavy speculate, especially in the realm of online forums, is unable to conclude a truth.

Fans though, no matter what will be standing by Montgomery’s side and they believe that if the actress felt like that is what she needed to do, than it is understandable.

Little Violet joins big brother Jackson, 5, Montgomery's son from a previous relationship.“We are overjoyed with the arrival of our beautiful angel and filled with gratitude that she is...

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Adam is an American Film Actor and this former couple worked in the films like “Lying to be Perfect” and “Between”.

Poppy Montgomery is the best known for the role as FBI agent in “Without a Trace”. was born in 1972 and from Washington, the USA and he is 47 years old as of 2019.

The before and after pics clearly state that her skin really has become ultra smooth but there really isn’t anything else to point us in the direction of the truth.

The tummy tuck speculation is a tough call as well because Poppy is a diehard fan of diet and exercise and a tummy tuck would be rather hard to believe for someone like her.

Her forehead also has a shine that typically is a sign of someone who has undergone botox injections.

The thing that can be said regarding her speculated surgery is that if you weren’t any sort of expert, than it would be really hard to tell if she did or didn’t.

If any actress in Tinseltown has assets, it is Montgomery and it would be no doubt that she would do all she could to keep them.

Still though, there really is no solid proof that she did acquire any work and everything that has come to light has simply been speculation.

One thing in particular that really stands out in regards to her appearance is that fact that she virtually has no wrinkles on her face to speak of.

That fact right there has many wondering if Poppy Montgomery’s plastic surgery took place, because she really looks a lot younger than those digits representing her age state.

The speculations in and out of Hollywood though, appear as if many do in fact believe that she had some sort of procedure completed.

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