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It’s about how the husband needs respect and the wife needs love and if you stop showing that to each other it kind of makes you spin in this crazy cycle.It teaches about showing unconditional love and unconditional respect, even sometimes when that spouse is not entirely showing you what you want out of the relationship.It emphasizes the grace of God and how we need God to live in marriage the right way.

When marriage is in a broken place, it can be very damaging to a culture when people see Christians not cohesive in marriage; that’s why it needs to be taken so seriously. They emphasized that you’re speaking your vows of covenant before God, before your family and friends.

It was very sobering, in a way, to recognize the gravity and the hugeness of marriage, but then also realize that a relationship is .

Single people that are holding out can see our marriage as an inspiration to them in being able to see the end of the story. I think neither of us are the kind of people that want to let things build up or let anything fester. Any time my husband senses that there might a little something going awry he will ask me about it, which is so courageous. Probably the biggest thing that I have appreciated so far is that he has been leading devotions.

It’s been a beautiful thing to be able to tell them God’s way is the best and His way for romance is absolutely amazing. He is a very strong, secure, loving person and he nurtures my heart in that way when he says: Hey, let’s talk about it. We were given a devotional book called Night Light by Dr. We’ve been reading that every day, even when we’re apart because he has been traveling for work some and I have, too.

I’ve waited to be somebody’s helpmate — somebody I believe in with all my heart, believe in their mission and their calling and so it’s a joy to get to do it now.

Other than doing devotions together, are there any other ways you express spiritual intimacy together? We were on the phone last night and he prayed for me and he’ll text me and say, Hey, just to let you know I’m praying for you right now. He’s got this quirky, goofy side to him which I absolutely love.No matter how you cut the cake, dating is difficult. He and his wife worked with us, which was incredible.They had us look up and respond to marriage-related scripture.And he did this morning while I was leading worship. When I was home last week we went to the beach and he was making me die with laughter with a story he was telling.We feel prayer is a big part of our intimacy as a couple. So whatever we do and wherever we are, that’s where home is.I think in going forward it will be more of an affirming message: God’s way is beautiful. Even long distance we will read this devotion and respond to the questions. I think in some ways so far — praise the Lord — it’s deepened our love for each other.

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