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Along with checking the untagged annotations and/or other artifacts, the Untagged Content panel allows the user to verify that the document’s tabbing order is correct.To verify the tabbing order for the document, follow these steps below: In the Windows tab, click the Bookmarks button (the first icon on the left) to open the bookmarks panel.

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Conducting a Full check will start the validation process over again from the beginning.

The benefit of an Incremental check is, when changes have been made to the verification results – for example when changing a checkpoint status from “User Verification” to “Passed” (as discussed below) – these changes are maintained and the checkpoints are not re-tested (requiring re-verification).

PDF Validator verifies and validates document compliance, giving you the most accurate picture possible, so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for your organization.

In fact, it is the only PDF checker that tests against the Section 508, WCAG 2.0 AA, PDF/UA and HHS standards. Steps: Opening the Validator | Testing for Compliance | Using the Results | Other Ribbon Buttons | Generating a Report | Advanced Tools | Making a Document Compliant Use the Standards Panel to test a PDF document for compliance with accessibility guidelines.

(Remember that reading order is a “User Verification” checkpoint.

To certify that the reading order is correct, click (or use the down arrow on the keyboard) to move through the tags verifying that the tag order follows the logical reading of the document as observed in the physical view.) An important distinction: In Acrobat, users can view the “Order” panel.A “Structural” check will test the following items in a document: Running an “Accessibility” check is similar to running a “Structural” check for a document – the difference being that this verification will test the document against one (or more) specific set(s) of accessibility criteria.To run an “Accessibility” check, follow these steps: Running an Incremental check will only test the items that have changed since the last validation was run (in the current session).Click the arrows next to those folders (if applicable) to reveal their contents.An important component in document accessibility, especially for documents containing links and/or forms, is that the tabbing order follows the document structure (as determined in the Tags tree).However, screen readers When a tag (or other element) is selected in the Tags tree, information pertaining to that tag will be displayed in the Properties panel on the right side of the screen.

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