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Older teens might find it all funny, but younger kids won’t get the jokes and are likely to be put off by the content." /The series glorifies bitterness and hostility and tries to draw laughs from behavior like sexism, prejudice, and violence.

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2-5 09 Mar 08 Reverse Psychology, Kicking Guy, Whale Tail, Nail Gun 16.

2-6 09 Mar 08 Forest Whitaker, Period Sketch, Our Label is Run by Homos 17.

, was the one to let the proverbial cat out of the proverbial bag regarding the upcoming movie, a project that was promised in 2012.“Finished the WKUK movie script,” he announced via his Instagram yesterday.“It’s OK,” he concluded nonchalantly, sampling a snippet of the self-deprecating humor cast members: Trevor, Sam Brown, and Zach Cregger.

They were the three to start the idea for the show in the first place, and, apparently, they are the three leading up the movement to create the movie.

2-7 23 Mar 08 Tar Toast, Drunk Dad, Time Travel Friends 18.

2-8 30 Mar 08 Face Off, Auto Erotic, Good Morning Dad 19.

They make fun of other people and urge each other to perform violent and sometimes degrading acts.

Sometimes it’s funny, but it can also be angry and hostile.

1-7 10 Apr 07 Dating Game, You're Peeing on My Leg, John Wilkes Booth 8.

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