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I was maybe 12-14 (So like 10 years ago) and actually didn’t even realize that was how I was introduced to fanfiction until recently. You know, the typical “Which character from said universe are you most like? This usually meant that the first “question” was some random introduction to a party in whatever universe (I quite often read the Harry Potter ones) and then you’d chose a random colour or item. At that time, people could create their own quizzes, and decide which answers lead to which outcome (I don’t know if this is still a thing, maybe? Anyways, at the time I was referring to, a lot of people would make these “seven minutes in heaven” quizes.King of Games Web Site - yugioh magic millennium The official Yu-Gi-Oh! General Discussion Jul 10, 2005 PM 5 to the New and Improved Yugioh Mania Web Page Master.

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Net and proceded to read the first chapter."Hey this is great! Until I figured out that I love writing and fan fics are a lot of fun.

I now have a Star Trek fic of my own that I'm rather proud of. After that, we would read and discuss countless fics.

3 Kinds Of Yu Gi Oh Quizzes Some of these are for fun, allowing you to use these Yu Gi Oh quizzes to determine"which Yu Gi Oh character you are".

Other Yu Gi Oh quizzes are traditional tests of your Yu Gi Oh knowledge, asking you Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Character From That Manga User Profile for: serenitynkaiba16 poem *sniff* General Discussion Jul 10, 2005 PM 4 Re: which yugioh character would you wanna duel??????

I'd basically caught up with all the episodes, fillers and the manga and I was just desperate for more content.

I can't even tell you where I found my first fic or what it was about, but I definitely stumbled on fanfic content and was completely enamored with the fact that people could just expand and improve on canon like that.

Back then, Yahoo was your usual search engine and I was obsessed with Hanson.

Instead of showing you the most relevant results, they basically displayed a top list of related websites and, for some unknown reason, a fanfic of an OC/Taylor Hanson variety called Weeping Willow was displayed as a top hit.

A tale of a young naive fool who had yet to learn the dangers of the Internet.

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